The P-55 Évolution curtain wall system ensures outstanding performance : better insulation, water tightness and superior soundproofing. 

This system is fabricated and pre assembled by Prevost (designer and manufacturer) and its components are designed so it is virtually impossible to make mistakes on site! The curtain wall can be installed with only one tool and without the use of silicone.

Those advantages were beneficial in the construction of the Lausanne community center.


Because its water tightness and sustainability are not dependant on the many installation steps on site and because of the absence of silicone, the P-55 Évolution has a greater life expectancy than traditional curtain wall systems. Longevity is an important advantage, when it comes to high traffic public building, like community centers. 

Sans silicone

The patented OTOBLOCK-55 components ensure water tightness and are self-sealing.  It is made with EPDM (closed cell foam technology). This material retains its properties, long-terme and in extreme conditions.


Our Tech-aide counselors, dedicated to helping architects and glaziers, made a real difference.

This multidisciplinary team of experts offering many services: Product application tips, Engineering services, Shop drawings, Training about new product or building standards, On-site assistance and inspections, etc.

Our personalised service made architects and glaziers trust us with this revolutionary product that had never been used. 



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