In Rouyn-Noranda, the carpentry and joinery students of the Polymétier continuous education center and La Source school students, benefit from a brand new modern, luminous and adapted building, where life is good.  The edifice was built using the fast track method: construction started before the design was completed. That way, it was ready to meet the needs of students, faster.

The P-55 Évolution curtain wall performances are unmatched : it ensures better insulation, great water tightness and superior soundproofing. Faster and simpler to install, it was carefully designed to reduce the common risks involved on construction sites: unpredictable weather, tight deadlines and other challenges.

Here is how those advantages were beneficial for the construction of the La Source Polymétier complex.



La Vitrerie et portes commerciales VD glaziers experienced how the P-55 Évolution curtain wall system can be fast and simple to install.  Since it is fabricated and delivered ready to install, doesn’t require the use of silicone and can be installed with only one tool, the number of on-site steps is reduced by half.  These are great advantages for the installation team!  Ever since they completed this project, the La Vitrerie et portes commerciales VD team uses the P-55 Évolution for other institutional, commercial and high-end residential buildings.



On a design standpoint, TRAME architecture + paysage architects wanted the structural silicone look. Since the P-55 Évolution is silicone free, the A. & D. Prévost team designed a new, slimmer black and glossy cap to imitate the desired structural silicone effect. Mission accomplished!





The students and employees of the complex, nearby the curtain wall are always going to be comfortable. The P-55 Évolution is the best curtain wall on the market to ensure optimal insulation.  The frame’s unique design gives it a 55% higher energy efficiency than a conventional curtain wall frame. Thermal conductivity is limited so users inside the building are comfortable, even when close to the mullion, whatever the outside temperature. The picture on the left was taken during winter, when the outside temperature was -27°C. The inside temperature near the mullions was 22,1°C ! 


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