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Architectural Aluminum Innovations

Just like you, we participate in creating environments where life is good. Where comfort and aesthetics are priorities. Like you, we are striving for excellence. We believe vision and creativity should have no boundaries.

For more than 60 years, we have been designing building envelope solutions that exceed expectations in terms of performance. We innovate to improve insulation, water tightness, soundproofing and thermal performances of our products for institutional, commercial and high-end residential markets. Our products are simpler to install and thoughtfully designed to reduce the common risks involved on construction sites: unpredictable weather, tight deadlines and other challenges. Just like you, we value a job well done.

Throughout our history, innovation has defined our actions. Our facility utilises cutting-edge technology in our anodizing process. We were the first High Performance curtain wall manufacturer in Québec. We make the sturdiest, most durable and best performing windows, with our patented MAXSEAL glazing beads. We recently developed and commercialized the first ever curtain wall system that requires no silicone. We are currently working on our revolutionary Window wall. Our goal is to keep innovating to ensure outstanding performance.

Customer satisfaction:
Our greatest distinction

Our dynamism and determination enable us to offer you consistently superior products and service. We answer your questions during the planning, design and preparation and completion of construction drawings and specifications for buildings that use our architectural aluminum.

Our success and our strength are the result of our team’s motivation to earn and maintain your trust. Rest assured that all of our employees active contribution is put into our quality process.

TECH-AID service:
for architects,
glaziers and partners

From conception to on-site testing, our multidisciplinary team has expertise to provide you with:

• Product application advice
• Engineering services
• Technical drawings
• Trainings
• On-site assistance and inspection

Do not hesitate to share your projects ideas with us.
We can help make them a reality!


60 years of experience at your service

A. & D. Prévost Inc. was founded in 1959, in Richelieu, through the efforts of the brothers Aubert and De St. Denys Prévost. The company’s initial business was limited to aluminum anodizing but quickly diversified to include the design, manufacture, and creation of aluminum architectural products.

Over time, the team was expanded and our facilities were upgraded to make the company the country’s leader in the field. Today, our nearly 130,000-square-foot facilities are at the leading edge of technology, and the approximately 200 employees have acquired an outstanding level of expertise.


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