Aluminum Windows

High Performance Built to Last Commercial Windows

Designed and manufactured in Quebec, Prévost windows have an environmental product declaration (EPD), which allows to obtain LEED points, in the construction of certified sustainable buildings.

The Most Durable Heavy-duty Aluminum Windows: a Class of Their Own !

Prevost windows can all be classified as AW (according to the NAFS standard in force), the most demanding performance class in terms of robustness and durability.

Aluminum is a more durable and weather resistant material than PVC, which deforms over time. This is why it is the premium best choice of material to ensure the durability of high-end architectural fenestration.

Did you know that AW rated windows and their hardware must withstand many misuse tests, not required for CW class?

What are the techniques and tests used to classify architectural windows ?

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A job well done for 
long term peace of mind

Many innovations make Prévost windows easy to install, reducing the risk of errors on job sites. So that they perform well, for a long time, as they are designed to do.


The Maxseal™ glazing stop and corner ensure outstanding performance


Glass installation is simplified, cleaner and less expensive with Maxseal ™ glazing stop which eliminates the need for a heel bed.

- The absence of a heel bed eliminate the problem of compatibility between the heel bead caulking product and double glazing.

- The absence of a heel bed reduces labor costs and facilitates clean and efficient glazing replacement.

Installation of the Maxseal ™ glazing stop is quick, easy and does not require moving or breaking the gasket. As it snaps on easily, its performance is not dependent on the skill of the installer.


Great comfort and resistance

Prévost windows offer great resistance to infiltration. They meet and exceed the most rigorous sealing standards thanks to their innovative design.



The waterproofing of the Prévost window is ensured by its 3 weatherstripping gaskets and its pre-molded seamless corners

- Its exterior seal is made of Santoprene ™, the most flexible and durable watertight glazing gasket in extreme conditions.

- Its main EPDM glazing gasket has integrated molded corners.

- Its frames and shutters are insulated with resistant and stable structural polyamide thermal barriers.

- Its protected drainage holes allow water to drain outwards.

- Its high performance triple sealing system is complemented by a pressure balance system which allows efficient drainage of water outside the window.

Your Vision is not Limited by Technical Considerations

The window you need, we create it! Versatile and multi-light, the 1300 series windows can integrate a mix of configurations (several types of sashes in the same unit), is available in different frame depths and for double or triple sealed units.

A wide range of window hardware is available to meet your needs: installed in height, for extreme use or hard to reach ...

Window opening types

Opening in

  • Tilt and turn
  • Hopper
  • Casement

Opening out

  • Casement
  • Awning

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