Acknowledging the valuable collaborations of the architects and glaziers who worked with prévost!

The AAPPQ reference manual highlights each year construction, renovation or expansion projects that illustrate the know-how of Québec's architectural firms. Once again, several reference projects have been built with our building envelope solutions.

Take a look at the featured achievements!

Baie-de-Valois chalet

Inaugurated in the fall of 2021 on the shores of Lake Saint-Louis in Grande-Anse Park, the new Baie-de-Valois chalet includes in its design several bioclimatic principles. The roof and its geometry make it possible to optimize passive solar gains. It has various arrangements of wood species such as ash wood from the imposed cutting of the ash trees on the territory. The integration of this specific wood gives this project a significant bond with the surrounding nature and the shores of the lake.

PRISME architecture joined forces with the team at ADHOC Architectes to create a meaningful design and a sustainable architecture that integrates into the environment. This new Chalet in the charming city of Pointe-Claire facilitates the practice of various water activities.

This project was made possible thanks to the trust of our talented partners, including Vitrerie Parr inc. The use of our Prévost heavy-duty curtain wall Series 3400HP as well as the skillful concealment of the robust doors 2750 allow the building to offer stunning views of the water. The integration of multiple efficient Series 1300 vents gives this luscious space a generous air supply.

Congratulations to all AAPPQ members!

Picture credit: Raphaël Thibodeau

Picture credit: Raphaël Thibodeau

Brossard aquatic complex

Brossard's new aquatic complex was completed in 2021 and its main purpose is to offer recreational activities that are accessible to all. The center promotes fitness, rehabilitation and development through water sports and activities. The building stands out by its V-shaped structure that allows natural light to flood the space and its scale and size to house an Olympic pool. The attractive design of the building is composed of our heavy-duty 3400 curtain wall and our narrow 3800 Series as well as our wide stile swing doors 2200-2250.

Congratulations to Vitrerie Dufour, to PRISME architecture and to Héloïse Thibodeau architecte!

Prévost is proud to share its contribution to this project.

Picture credit: Joël Gingras/Apy-D©

Picture credit: Joël Gingras/Apy-D©

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