The P-55 Évolution is the most evolved curtain wall system on the market. It offers peerless performance: better insulation, greater water tightness and superior soundproofing.

These advantages were definitely advantages for the construction of La Knowlton Co. brewery. 

During the process of building their lac-Brome restaurant and micro-brewery, Nicholas Allan and his father did research to find the most efficient curtain wall system in terms of insulation and soundproofing.  They chose the P-55 Évolution.

Light and comfort

The P-55 Évolution design gives it 55% higher energy efficiency than a conventional curtain wall frame, providing nearby occupants a great comfort. It is a great advantage for the restaurant during winter months : the mullions don’t get cold.

Now that the restaurant and brewery is built, the finished product is stunning: a majestic exterior glass wall, providing great daylight to the restaurant and brewery. These two spaces are separated by an interior curtain wall. 

Noise reduction between the dining room and brewing room 

To provide quietude to the restaurant customers, the P-55 Evolution soundproofing properties are particularly important since the brewing process can be quite noisy.

Its EPDM (closed cell foam) components are soundproofing and reduce sound transmission by up to 11,2 dB* on frequency spectrums less impacted by glass (example: slow urban traffic, machinery, nightclub).  

Our partners for this project: Vitrerie Cowansville

Photos source: Page Facebook La Knowlton Co.

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